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DISCOVER / Our Top 10 Gifts

Here our some of our favourites this season...

1. Cashmere hat and gloves

Made in Tuscany from upcycled cashmere, this hat and glove combo is both softer and kinder than most. Cashmere is wonderful at regulating body temperature and lasts really well. Other colours and styles are available.

Responsibly sourced then created by hand in Scotland these are made from slices of the South American Ivory palm seed. The tagua nut was originally used to make buttons before plastic became common. They are smooth and eye catching and available in several bright colours.

Maybe not the first thing that springs to mind on colder days but these organic cotton tshirts are great for layering now and will be ready for you to welcome the warmer days in classic Italian style, bringing a smile to someone's day into the bargain. Designed by us and printed in Somerset using eco-friendly inks. Long and short sleeve styles are available in a range of sizes.

Perfect for lounging days as well as dressing up, these are made in Verona from reclaimed Italian fabrics, by a social enterprise supporting vulnerable women into fair and positive employment. Available in warmer Autumnal shades and lighter tones for spring, these would make a gorgeous limited edition gift.

We think this is the ultimate useful gift for a food lover. Our bestselling oil is produced by us wholly from Stefano's family olive grove in North East Italy and is unfiltered and flavoursome. It's flavour has been described as 'evocative 'nutty' and... Plus they can return their bottle for a discount on their next one (yes, we do think it is quite addictive!) Alternatively, the decorated tin bottle of the Frantoio d'Orazio oils make for a pretty present.

Biodynamic wine production is a traditional method which follows the lunar calendar in order to identify the best days for harvesting, pruning and watering. It employs organic practices avoiding pesticides and depends on compost, rather than chemical fertiliser. This prosecco is low in sulphites and is also unfiltered meaning it is suitable for a vegan diet. A second fermentation happens once the wine is bottled, the timing of which, they say, determines the intensity of the bubble. Bottled near the full moon, this year’s Prosecco has a lively fizz!

7. Pasta and Sauce

Pair up this classic duo in a gift bag. Pappardelle is a good, hearty winter pasta, which copes well with a richer sauce with a ragu or mushroom base. Its name comes from the verb pappare, "to gobble up''! We love the vintage styling of this box and this very special bottle of tomato and olive sauce.

8. Wrapped Cheese and Crackers

We will be busy wrapping lots of our cheeses in the new beeswax wraps we have been making. Depending on the date, we may need to vacuum seal the cheese in order to maintain longer freshness, however we can sterilise and reuse the packets ourselves, so feel free to drop it back to us. We have some fabulous cheeses this year including a new collection of 'umbriaco' (meaning = 'drunk') from Treviso, soaked in amaretto, prosecco or Martini. All of our cheeses are complemented well by Step and Stone lavosh crackers. These are made by a social enterprise in Bristol, supporting young people with learning disabilities to develop skills and confidence.

9. Bumblee's Vinegar or Marmalade

Made locally over in Taunton by Francine, these vinegars and preserves have several Great Taste Award stars amongst them. Her Wild Blueberry, Pink Peppercorn and Thyme recently won 3, which officially classes it as 'exquisite'! With their pretty hand tied packaging we would be delighted to discover one of these under the tree.

Fill one of these boxes with two 100ml bottles from our grappa range. As well as a classic grappa, we have Ginepro which will appeal to gin fans, Aqua di Cedro if you like Limoncello and Tagliatella, a blend.


Gift Vouchers

These can be used in exchange for products instore but also towards a Cookery or Tasting experience.

Gift Wrap

On Thursdays we will be offering a gift wrap service using some gorgeous low impact and upcycled wrappings.


We would love to help you pick out some special treats for a hamper. Send us a message or call in to see what other treasures you can discover!

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