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Olive and Rosy is home to a collection of hand-curated items, inspired by the tastes, slower pace and aesthetics of Italy. Stefano and Rachael met in Italy and have been bringing a little of the Italian experience to Wellington since December 2016. A carpenter by trade, Stefano refitted the former hairdressers on North Street to create his signature in interior design; a balance between traditional materials and a minimal style.

Downstairs in the Chamber of Taste you can sample and gather national and regional foods and drinks from Stefano’s home in the Veneto, Italy. Discover award winning Prosecco, grappa, local cheeses and meats as well as a good selection of organic, gluten-free and vegan twists on traditional Italian ingredients.


A popular feature is the ‘wine on tap’ where customers can bring their own bottles to be filled. You can also find an olive oil which we produce ourselves. 


A cookery night is held once a month during which Stefano shares his knowledge and passion for creating the dishes of his region. We also offer tasting nights. 













Upstairs in the Chamber of Style enjoy trying on Italian vintage and ethically sourced new clothing, handcrafted jewellery and accessories all with a focus on the story behind them and inspired the timeless Italian style.


Olive and Rosy also operates a dress agency service in order to promote sustainability and the re-use of quality pieces.


More recently,  we have started to organise accompanied trips to the North East of Italy so that you can experience it's taste and style first hand. On our own trips we try to visit many of our producers and suppliers and we invite you to join us in meeting a few too.


A visit to the shop is designed to be an immersive experience, where you can slow down, take time to discover more about Italian style and foods, taste samples of delicious foods and drinks, try out your language skills and enjoy the atmosphere of an authentic Italian ‘salumeria’.

Read more about us in the local press here and here

Authentic Italian Deli

Stefano and Rachael would like to welcome you to Olive and Rosy in Wellington, Somerset. 


Fshion from Italy
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