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DISCOVER / Thank You Teacher Gifts Under £10

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

As a teacher for more than 10 years I know that end-of-year gifts are certainly not an expectation, although as a mum I also know that it can be enjoyable for children to participate in giving something special to a person that has played a big part in their daily life for the past year, whether that be something they have made, chosen or helped wrap. If you are thinking of going down the gifting route we have put together some of our suggestions that are all under £10.

Idea 1 - Keeping it Simple

Go with a classic choice of a bottle of wine or something sweet to eat. You could choose a Nero d'Avola or Montepuliciano Red, Pinot Grigio or Prosecco for a White or even the Valbella Rosato Rose. Our son Raffaele enjoyed helping me to make up little pouches of our loose chocolate eggs for his teachers. We found the little bags in The Nook and Cranny just next door to us on North Street and added some little tags and decorations.

Idea 2 - Practical but Stylish

And also very joyful, these bamboo socks are loved far and wide, there are both men's and women's sizes available. Lots of the teachers I worked with loved a bit of stylish stationary. These notebooks from LSW London are perfect for them to keep back for that 'new term-new notebook' feeling in September and to make those staff meeting notes in.

Idea 3 - A bit of 'them' time

In the LSW range you can also find a set of Mind Cards, we think the self-care focused Ritual ones would be particularly welcomed after a year of managing virtual classrooms alongside real ones. Or how about one of these little pouches from Thought, for keeping clothing infused with a calming lavender scent.

Idea 4 - Good things come in small packages

A little jewellery will always delight. We love these new arrivals to the shop, fairly made from glass beads and designed to fit all arms for a very affordable touch of glamour. This would also a good choice of bracelet for wearing in the classroom as it won't fall off or be easily broken.

Idea 5 - Sharing is Caring

Raffaele came home with this phrase not long after starting nursery and we like it. We have these Spring cakes now on special offer and we are certain that they will be gratefully received by many a staffroom!

Finish it all off with a little hand coloured wrapping paper or card and we are sure any teacher would be thrilled. We hope your young ones enjoy these last couple of weeks and have a wonderful summer holiday break.

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