DISCOVER / 10 Favourite Books featuring Italy

I enjoyed participating in #ReadaNewBookMonth earlier this year. The main task I set myself was to really delve into a great Italian cookery book which I'd been meaning to put to the test for a few months. But you can read about that here.

The project is a great excuse to give yourself the time you may not always make to dedicate to reading. It doesn't matter which month you choose, it is just about making a conscious effort in a busy life to try a different genre, re-read a favourite, book swap with family or friends or set yourself a challenge such as reading a book written in Italian or to read a book a week.

One thing I have always tried to do, all year round, is to seek out a book set in a place I'm going to visit or vice versa. I love to visit places I’ve read about in literature and often pack a favourite to read-read once I’m there.

To mark the end of my recent reading endeavours I thought I would compile a list of some of my favourites on an Italian theme!

1. A Room with a View BY E.M. Forster. Surely, no list of novels set in Italy could be complete be complete without this one. I studied this for my English Literature A Level, thus beginning my curiosity about the country; the light, the contrast with life in England. Years later I began re-reading during a 36 hour coach trip to Florence, finishing on a lovely campsite in Fiesole, the Etruscan hill town also featured in the novel.

'' But Italy worked some marvel in her. It gave her light, gave her shadow.''