TASTE / Marvellous Mostarda

With its jewel like fruits and sweet, spicy jam Mostarda is another wonderful creation arising from Venetian history that we, at Olive and Rosy, think everybody should try!

Mostarda is a condiment made with candied fruit and a mustard essential oil syrup originating from North Eastern Italy. Traditionally it was served with boiled meats but now it is more commonly used as an accompaniment to cheese.

Its discovery was purely by chance when, in a medieval apothecary a piece of melon fell into a barrel of honey. Later when found, the fruit was still as fresh and fragrant as if it had just been picked and even more delicious.

One of our suppliers tell us this story of their origins as producers of the delicacy:

''It is only in the first years of the 20th century that the story of Lazzaris and his mostarda begins.

Mixing sugar with quinces, candied fruit and mustard oil, Luigi Lazzaris, the daring pastry chef of Conegliano Veneto, created a sauce with perfumed notes that won over all of his customers.

His fame quickly spread to the great international exhibitions of the culinary arts. Like a modern day celebrity, the spicy and sweet compote was awarded 6 gold medals, spreading word of the quality of the Lazzaris brand throughout the world''

Holding true to their values of: nature, sustainability, health, tradition, quality and taste for more than 100 years, we love being able to offer the delightful creations of Lazzaris to Wellington, Somerset.

A little dish of mostarda is a common feature on an Olive and Rosy tasting board, it is just beautiful served with a smooth Asiago or salty pecorino. It also adds just a touch of piquancy to a range of dishes, for example added to pumpkin for a ravioli filling, in a dressing or served over roast salmon or pork. On the producers website you can discover a variety of interesting ways to use mostarda. I gave a couple of them a whirl last weekend.

Stradivari agnolotti pasts with fruit mostarda


Serves 4 people 2 egg yolks

12 squares of fresh egg pasta (10×10 cm)

500 g of ricotta