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DISCOVER / A day in the life at Olive and Rosy

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to work with the wonderful Robin at Orbit Photography who helped us to capture a few hours of shop life in our little Italian delicatessen.

italian deli, award-winning prosecco, zero-waste wine

We know we are a little off the beaten track in Wellington, tucked away in our little courtyard on North Street but we think it is worth the extra addition to the daily step count for this piece of Italy sealed between four small walls. Here is a little taste of some of what we offer...

italian espresso, moka, take away coffee

The day begins calmly with a Moka on the stove for our earliest customers to enjoy Italian style at the counter, upstairs whilst perusing a copy of Italian Vogue in our style boutique or al fresco on a fine day.

olive and rosy, north street, wellington

Next up we have a gentleman returning with a bottle to be filled at our Wine-on-Tap counter. Something that is very important to us is finding as many ways as possible to run our business sustainably and with the minimum of waste. Any bottle can be filled here and discounts are given for re-use.

zero-waste wine

Customers are always welcome to try before they buy, from a range of North East Italian reds and whites. Particular favourites are the Malbec and Raboso.

wine tasting

We add all the information required to your bottle or can wrap it if it is a gift.

italian wine

Then, a couple of requests from the deli counter, a few slices of mortadella and some black olives dressed with lemon.

Whilst these products are out of the fridge, a few lunchtime nibbles can also be prepared before they are stored away again. Stefano learnt from the producer, an old classmate at home in the Veneto, how to best prepare and cut the prosciutto.

Recently we have been experimenting with bread baking, we are currently perfecting an Alpine bread made with fennel seeds but we also have ciabatta which we finish in store ready for making lunchtime panini to take away. These can be made using any of our deli items. Popular choices include a vegan pesto, sundried tomatoes and olives combination or a classic salami and pickled antipasti.

You can often find Stefano in the outdoor kitchen on a fine day, creating a light lunch of pasta or risotto to try in-store or perhaps a bolognaise sauce that can be taken home for your evening meal.

Also look out for the Italian in the Kitchen monthly cookery class, held on the third Thursday of each month. Here you can learn how to prepare some classic Italian dishes and sample some accompanying wines or spirits.

Be prepared to spend some time with us. The pace of life in Italy is fairly slow and the shop reflects this, Stefano loves to talk about his favourite subjects, his home and food! We really value the style of traditional shopping, where you can learn about the origin of a product, discuss ways of preparing it and share a few anecdotes along the way.

As the day begins to draw to a close Stefano enjoys a quiet moment or two before he begins a transformation of the upstairs of the shop. Tonight it will switch from its daytime role showcasing our collection of Italian clothing and gifts made in Italy into an intimate dining space for a small gathering of friends to enjoy an evening of wines and cheeses.

We hope you've enjoyed a little window into a day at Olive and Rosy.

We are currently open on Saturdays from 9:30-5 and Wednesdays from 9:30-12:30

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