DISCOVER / Bassano style

We’d like to take you on a quick tour of a couple of our favourite spots in Stefano’s birth town Bassano del Grappa. We had the treat of living here for a year whilst I was teaching in an International School locally. I had a wonderful apartment right in the heart of the town. From here it is easy to make a quick circuit of some fab spots.

We start with a walk up through the heart of the weekly market in Piazza Liberta and Piazza Garibaldi. Saturdays would begin here on the top square with a coffee or gelato. It definitely took me a while to get the hang of the Italian rhythm, getting all the errands done before everything closes for a lovely long and leisurely lunch break between 12 and 3. Soon enough though I was enjoying this new routine!

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Passing into Piazza Garibaldi we arrive at a firm favourite, Bar Danieli. They serve the best Aperitivo in town, my favourite was a Spritz Aperol or two with my friends every Thursday after work. Always with complimentary crisps and often other little delights the chef had created such as pizzetta or mini tramezzini sandwiches. This is one of the longest running bars in Bassano. Also the place of our ‘first date’ unbeknownst to us at the time!

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A walk up via Jacopo Vittorelli brings us to Dolce Bassano, creators of beautiful and delicious chocolates and pastries. Stefano’s sister trained here before opening her own pasticceria.

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Piazza Teraglio has several great bars and restaurants, all under the gaze of the town’s small castle. My particular favourite for the prosecco is La Fuita and Il Garibaldi is nice for dining outside. Follow via B. Gamba down and pop in to the wonderful Caffe dei Libri bar and bookshop, one of my absolute favourite places in town. Then call in to see our friend Andrea at his deli El Bocon del Prete one of Stefano’s inspirations.

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