TASTE / Recipe: Italian Beans and Polenta

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Fagioli all'Italiana is one of our favourite year-round recipes but it is particularly good with polenta in Winter. It is perfect and more typically made with Borlotti Beans, which should be soaked overnight but it also works well with tinned cannellini as a more spontaneous option. The quantities of each ingredient can be adapted easily according to your tastes and preferences.


Serves 4

500g beans

250ml tomato sauce (or 2/3 fresh tomatoes squashed for a more subtle flavour)

A few cloves of garlic, squashed with side of knife.

A bunch of fresh herbs (rosemary, bay, sage and thyme)

Extra virgin olive oil

Handful of chopped onion

Salt and pepper (to season after cooking)


1. Make up the sauce by frying the onion in olive oil until soft, I used spring onion here as that was what arrived delightfully in our weekly box from Steepholding. Add the garlic and herbs and continue on a low heat to flavour the oil.