TASTE / Building a deli grazing platter

One of our favourite things to do at the deli is create platters for you. Here are just a few we have made over the last year plus our top tips for constructing a deli platter at home. Most pictured are the boxed ones we developed during lockdown, we like working on boards too however, as we think they offer even greater freedom to be creative.

Our Top Tips

1. Play with textures and flavours. We like to consider the principle of five that is important in Japanese cuisine as it applies to taste (salty, bitter, sweet, sour and savoury), senses and colour.

2. Use three or more types of cheese, usually a blue, a harder cheese and then something to contrast.

3. Lay out all ingredients before you start constructing the board. Allow plenty of time to drain preserved veg antipasti of excess oil. Assemble as close to serving as possible.

4. Dress the salad afterwards to keep it looking fresh, we like to use a drizzle of balsamic glaze and/or a great quality pesto spooned on here and there. Tear the leaves rather than cutting.

5. Go with the flow when building your board, symmetry can be a good starting point but be as creative as you like! Be led by the ingredients and combinations.

6. We start with a base of salad leaves to create a nest to sit the other components into.