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STYLE / Keep Cool in Hemp

Hemp is said to be one of the most sustainable fibres in the world and has been used in textiles since Roman times.

Style benefits: Modern techniques can now produce hemp fibre and yarn that are soft and dye well, allowing it to be better used in more stylish, colourful and contemporary clothing. With time and wear it grows softer, yet is strong and long-lasting. As a natural fibre, hemp is perfectly breathable for these warmer days.

Sustainable benefits: Hemp is said to be six times as strong as cotton and more weather-resistant. It grows easily with little water, four times less than non-organic cotton. It usually requires no chemical fertilisers and pesticides, naturally maturing very quickly and with a high yield. It also blocks out weeds as it grows and returns up to 70% of nutrients to the soil. One hectare can absorb 15 tonnes of CO2.

Here are some of our instore hemp favourites:

I fell in love with how timeless this jumpsuit is but also the subtle knot detail to the straps which elevates the style and makes the neckline beautifully flattering.

The Isobel collection

Gorgeous cullottes, an incredibly easily to wear dress plus wheat and lavender bags created from upcycling their offcuts. Absolutely perfect! The stripe detail makes this a unique and contemporary design whilst the neutral shade words with a number of other pieces and accessories. Pair with the Betta or a white top from our Loved Linen range.

This one works well year round as it layers really nicely over a top. I wear mine with the belt and sparkly earrings when I feel like dressing up or layered and belt-less for more casual and relaxed days.

This scarf looks super delicate but is actually very strong in texture making it perfect to wear as a light cover up over the shoulders on a really sunny day as it holds its shape well. It works well with the Erin jumpsuit too.

A great summer and vegan alternative to wool, this jumper goes well over jeans or with more tailored styles such as the Maddalena trousers pictured.

Care for your hemp clothing by washing in cool water on a gentle cycle with a small amount of light detergent and hang to dry/dry flat. Ironing hemp can be easier when it is still damp. If ironing dry, dampen and iron on medium to high heat. In light coloured hemp, iron inside out first, then on the right side to bring out the sheen. Iron darker fabric onside-out only. I personally don't iron the hemp knitwear, but you may prefer to.

Your hemp should last you very well and we feel that the pieces we have chosen have a timeless style, meaning that you can enjoy your clothing for many years to come.

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