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STYLE / Stockist Stories - A Coffee and a Chat with Thought

This article originally appeared on the Thought website in April 2020

Stockist Stories - a coffee and chat with Rachael from Olive and Rosy

Tell us a bit about your shop and your business

Stefano and I met in Italy in 2013 and opened our small two floor shop in Wellington, Somerset in 2016, a month after the arrival of our son Raffaele! Retail was a new departure for us both, but we were inspired by the Italian Slow Food movement to open a deli where we could share quality, responsibly sourced items from artisan and small producers from Stefano’s home in the Veneto.

After visiting many of the places where our food was made, learning about the process and the ingredients I started to think about why this was so much more difficult to do with clothing and wanted to try and replicate this Slow approach within fashion. We began initially with small, sustainable Italian brands but have gradually been able to expand to include more local and UK pieces, including Thought!

The product narrative is at the heart of everything for us, it is essential that we can tell its story and know that we are offering our customers something that is high quality, responsibly created and as natural as possible.

What’s life like outside the shop?

We live in the countryside surrounding the town where the shop is based with our little boy who is now three. Just like us he also loves both cooking and dressing up!

What are you missing the most during these times?

Like everyone we are missing our wider family members. They are all in either Italy or Cornwall - too far for even a socially distanced wave through the window sadly, so feeling grateful for technology at present! I miss being able to go to the sea, that is top of the list when we are able to travel again. We currently think of Italy a lot as social dining, cafes, the Aperitivo and so on are such a part of its spirit, we look forward to their return.

What’s keeping you grounded and positive?

Definitely cooking! I’m really enjoying having the time to explore some deli favourites in different ways, along with local seasonal produce and store cupboard bits, mixing up those Italian flavours to work with what we’ve already got. I love menu planning and zero-waste cooking anyway, so it is nice to have time to really dedicate to that, as well as to try out some of those recipes from Nonna! One of our favourites to make together is gnocchi.

Given the current climate, how do you think we can all live more thoughtfully at the moment?

I am embracing a slowing down of pace and valuing the simple things and moments. We have the time to be curious and find out more about the things and habits that make up our lives, reflect on who and what has really been important to us during this time and how we might apply our insights as we move forwards.

Do you have any favourite pieces from our latest collection?

I absolutely adore this collection, the Italian inspiration combined with the spot-on sustainability credentials of Thought are just a match made in heaven for us, we feel it totally represents what we are all about. So, for that reason it is difficult to pick just a few! But definite faves are the Ciao Bella jumper and Veriena dress. And the jumpsuits… they have just been my ultimate lockdown go-to outfit!

Thanks Rachael!

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