TASTE / Cheeses of December

We have some real festive treats for you currently at our shop in Wellington.

Here our some of our favourites this month. We have so many delicious new arrivals, we found it very hard to limit this list to five, so watch out for the bonus addition at the end!


An extraordinary cheese for blue cheese lovers! It has a fascinating and highly-flavoured taste which comes from the various scents of the plants and herbs used in its maturation process.

A natural mould is produced and carefully fostered so as to allow the cheese to absorb its sweet but spicy taste. It is then left to mature for a few weeks on wooden planks made from fir trees in an ambient microclimate which is both cold and wet. The rind is covered with aromatic plants such as marjoram, mint, thyme and verbena, which all transmit that unique herbaceous taste to the cheese.

It is produced with cow’s milk and calf rennet seasoned for 3-4 months, with wheels weighing 6-7Kgs. It is most enchanting when enjoyed with fruit jams.