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Homemade sauce, to hang in the pantry, as once was the way. 


Ready to use: uncork and pour over the pasta! This Sundried Tomato sauce has the scent of golden onion, the good smells of carrot, celery and basil and the intense taste of Sundried Tomato (a concentrate of minerals and vitamins), which on farmers' tables often replaced meat, because its intense taste deceived the palates and left them satisfied. 


Tomato 75%


Dried tomato 9%

Extra virgin olive oil







A pasteurized product with a shelf-life of 24 months before opening. Once opened store in the refrigerator and treat as a fresh product.


“C'era una volta” sauces are farmhouse artisanal products made in Salento in the South of Italy. Excellent quality of the products is due to quality ingredients and traditional recipes. The sauces are in bottles with metal caps and string around the bottle necks which gives them a rustic look.


330g 4 portions

Perche ci Credo No. 7 Sundried Tomato Sauce

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