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A homemade style sauce, with rustic bottle, cap and string, designed to hang in the pantry, as once was the way. 


Ready to use: uncap and pour over the pasta! 


With the sweet taste of garden vegetables, this sauce has a round and summery taste. It has been cooked slowly in a pot, with vegetables gradually added to the fried onion, tomato pulp and a fresh rain of basil, to finish. Just as you would do at home!


Tomato 69%

Aubergine 9%

Pepper 8%


Extra virgin olive oil

White Wine (SULPHITES)




A pasteurized product with a shelf-life of 24 months before opening. Once opened store in the refrigerator and treat as a fresh product.


“C'era una volta” sauces are farmhouse artisanal products made in Salento in the South of Italy. Ex