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These small salamino are produced by Pedrazzoli organic farm in Emilla Romagna . A simple, mild taste becomes the base for the different flavourings used in each of the salamini: fennel , truffle or the more subtle Milano, a classic taste, seasoned with white pepper. No added preservatives and gluten-free.




Their smaller size makes them perfect for picnics and snacking. They are also great hors d’oeuvres, served with crusty bread. Their delicate aroma and lightly spiced flavour goes perfectly with white wines and young, lively red wines.


For Pedrazzoli working organically is a company philosophy; they say "it begins with the way we raise our pigs and is defined by certain key concepts. The first is free-range farming: the only farming method which truly respects the life of the animal and the space it needs to live. The second is making the quality of our animal feed a top priority: our pigs are fed exclusively on organic food made with certified raw materials, which come mostly from our own organic crops. The third is animal welfare above all else: we guarantee our pigs a free life with the minimum of stress."

Organic Salamino

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