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One of our all time best-sellers, this award winning cheese (pictured middle right) is produced with raw ewe’s milk. With creamy and sweet undertones it makes a perfect table cheese and an ideal companion for dried figs, apricots and raisins. Unlike most truffle cheeses, the black truffle paste is infused after Moliterno has been aged (for four months) so that the cheese develops its own character before the truffles are injected. It is then aged for a further five months. Though the truffles are only visible in the "veins," the truffle flavour permeates throughout the entirety of this amazing cheese. This cheese is made in Sardinia but it is named after the village of Moliterno where it originates. As a silver winner of the 2014-15 World Cheese Awards, the moliterno al tartufo is richly aromatic and beautifully balanced. Serve at room temperature so that once cut, the dark paste oozes out of the crevices of the cheese. Serve with an earthy full-bodied red. For this we recommend a Sicilian Nero d'Avola. Superb.£5.10  per 100gr

Moliterno with Truffle

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