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Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil in a handmade ceramic re-fillable jar with a bordeaux red splatter paint design typical of the Puglia region.


You will find Frantoio Galantino in Bisceglie, a beautiful medieval town, situated on the Adriatic coast 35 km north of Bari, surrounded by ancient churches, monuments, castles and traditional Apulian dwellings, “trulli”. Here takes place the cold extraction from selected olives of the typical varieties of Apulia - Coratina and Ogliarola, to create this oil, ideal for everyday use. 


Aroma: medium fruity with herbaceous notes.


Taste: medium fruity with slight bitter and spicy notes and an aftertaste of artichoke and almond


Galantino ceramic jars are hand-made by artisans in Puglia. Each piece is unique because it is decorated by hand and there may be slight variation between designs.





Galantino Olive Oil in Ceramic Jar

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