TASTE / Italian Easter Recipes

Updated: Apr 16


This is a typical dish from the Veneto, the addition of the egg tends to be its feature along with the seasonal asparagus, but the rest of ingredients are often adapted according to taste.

To serve 4 people:

* 500g asparagus

* 125g prawns (we like avocado or cherry tomatoes for a veggie alternative)

* 60ml of extra virgin olive oil

* 8 quail eggs

* 1 boiled egg

* 1 lettuce heart or salad leaves of your choice

* pitted green olives, parsley, marjoram, wine vinegar, a splash of wine.

1. First boil an egg to your taste and set aside.

2. Prepare the asparagus then boil in a little salted water until al dente, drain then cut, leaving the tips intact.

3. Put the quail eggs in a pan in cold water, let them cook on a gentle heat for 4 minutes from the beginning of the boil then pass them under cold water and shell them.

4. Wash, dry and prepare the salad leaves, if using the lettuce heart it should be cut into strips and displayed in a fan around the dish. We like to top with edible flowers for a maximum spring time feel!

5. Construct the salad by placing the prawns and sliced eggs in the centre of the salad, the asparagus tips cut lengthwise around the plate and the remaining eggs halved in between.

Image Credit: star.it

6. To give the Easter