TASTE / Read a new book month with Skye McAlpine

I've followed Skye McAlpine for a while on Instagram as I love her beautiful food photography. She seems to really capture the energy of the Italian dining table in her images and many are interspersed with scenes of Venice, which is always going to be a good thing!

Not being a born and bred Venetian like Stefano myself, I also really identify with the way her love of the cuisine and traditional Italian kitchen has grown nonetheless, as a result of being so totally immersed in life there.

I love this quote from her blog:

''I grew up with the belief – and more than ever, I live by it now – that there are few greater pleasures in life than to invite people into your home and share a meal with them. Where friends and food gather around a table, a certain indescribable magic occurs... Food is more than just sustenance, it is love and memories and much more in between.''

A Table in Venice was published this year, back in March. The fact that it is a new book not strictly true, I've had it a for a month or so just poring over the typically gorgeous photography but just recently attempted to put it to the test .