TASTE / Stefano and his infamous olive oil!

The most popular product at Olive and Rosy in our little corner of Somerset is our olive oil. Stefano's family have been growing and harvesting their own olives for over 15 years from this lovely little grove just a short walk from the family home in the Veneto, North East Italy.

Nestled in the foothills of the grand Mont Grappa, at 190m above sea level, the trees enjoy this beautiful view as the countryside and small villages stretch out beyond them. Originally a vineyard the land had become wild until it was taken on as a joint venture by the local community. Several families care for their own collection of trees within the field.

How is the oil made?

Harvest days are a big family event lasting three to four days shared between the field and the mill.

The freshly hand picked olives are stored in crates in a dark room until enough have been gathered to be pressed.

Within 48 hours the olives are taken to the nearby mill to be pressed through proper stone wheels.

This stage is called "cold pressing" or in Italian: "Spremitura a freddo". The cold press process is slower but doesn’t alter the properties and nutrients of the oil.