TASTE / Cooking up some Canederli

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

The theme of May's cookery night at Olive and Rosy was Canederli, a dish from the mountains of the South Tyrol. Here is the recipe used by Stefano.


160 gr. Old white bread

Breadcrumbs as required

2 Whole eggs (medium)

30 gr. White flour

Some Parsley ( a small bunch)

180/200 gr. Speck, bacon or any other ingredient you prefer (if is a vegetable always cook it first in the usual way you like it or simply with oil, garlic, salt, pepper)

125 ml. Fresh whole milk

A generous pinch of Chives

1 White onion


Garlic (better if dried)

Black pepper

A small amount of Butter. 10/15 grams

2 L of Beef stock (can substitute with veg stock)



First of all prepare the beef stock, even the day before. Chop finely the onion and fry it in a pan enough broad together with butter, some nutmeg, black pepper and dried garlic.


Meanwhile cut the speck into small cubes and add it to the “soffritto” (onion base).