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TASTE / A tasting lunch at Olive and Rosy

Now we have been blessed with some beautiful weather, we have been trying out some of our products served al fresco in the Half Moon Court yard.

This week’s menu included:

Testuno al Barolo cheese wrapped in grapes served with fig and pear jams and a glass of Italian chardonnay followed by an antipasti of olives, pickled garlic, onions and wild mushrooms in oil.

Next up in homage to the current white asparagus season at home in Bassano del Grappa, Stefano prepared an asparagus sauce to serve with softly boiled eggs, homegrown parsley and balsamic glaze.

The final pranzo (lunch) delight was a lemon fettucine again served with asparagus sauce, parsley and a drizzle of our olive oil.

We are happy to prepare you a menu using some of our favourite products. We have a table indoors for tasting sessions if the weather is not so good for sitting outside. Just send us a message or pop in and enquire.

Or click on some of the items to create your own Spring menu at home...

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