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TASTE / Celebrating #CarbonaraDay

Today we've been paying homage to the genuine carbonara experience (definitely no cream here!) at the shop. Here is Stefano's guide to how he makes his...

1. To make a nice carbonara first you need to select the right ingredients. We used our Grana, speck and lemon fettucine (another long pasta also works well), parsley from our herb garden, one egg, salt and pepper. Speck is good to use as it has a smoked flavour, but it's possible to use salami spiced or plain instead.

2. Boil plenty of water to ensure even cooking, then add the salt and pasta. When it is al dente add the egg, parmigiano and chopped pieces of speck and mix with the heat off but using the warmth of the pan to cook the egg through.

3. Ideally serve immediately. The longer you wait the more cooked the egg will become. Dress with olive oil and parsley.

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