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  • DISCOVER / Thank You Teacher Gifts Under £10

    As a teacher for more than 10 years I know that end-of-year gifts are certainly not an expectation, although as a mum I also know that it can be enjoyable for children to participate in giving something special to a person that has played a big part in their daily life for the past year, whether that be something they have made, chosen or helped wrap. If you are thinking of going down the gifting route we have put together some of our suggestions that are all under £10. Idea 1 - Keeping it Simple Go with a classic choice of a bottle of wine or something sweet to eat. You could choose a Nero d'Avola or Montepuliciano Red, Pinot Grigio or Prosecco for a White or even the Valbella Rosato Rose. Our son Raffaele enjoyed helping me to make up little pouches of our loose chocolate eggs for his teachers. We found the little bags in The Nook and Cranny just next door to us on North Street and added some little tags and decorations. Idea 2 - Practical but Stylish And also very joyful, these bamboo socks are loved far and wide, there are both men's and women's sizes available. Lots of the teachers I worked with loved a bit of stylish stationary. These notebooks from LSW London are perfect for them to keep back for that 'new term-new notebook' feeling in September and to make those staff meeting notes in. Idea 3 - A bit of 'them' time In the LSW range you can also find a set of Mind Cards, we think the self-care focused Ritual ones would be particularly welcomed after a year of managing virtual classrooms alongside real ones. Or how about one of these little pouches from Thought, for keeping clothing infused with a calming lavender scent. Idea 4 - Good things come in small packages A little jewellery will always delight. We love these new arrivals to the shop, fairly made from glass beads and designed to fit all arms for a very affordable touch of glamour. This would also a good choice of bracelet for wearing in the classroom as it won't fall off or be easily broken. Idea 5 - Sharing is Caring Raffaele came home with this phrase not long after starting nursery and we like it. We have these Spring cakes now on special offer and we are certain that they will be gratefully received by many a staffroom! Finish it all off with a little hand coloured wrapping paper or card and we are sure any teacher would be thrilled. We hope your young ones enjoy these last couple of weeks and have a wonderful summer holiday break.

  • TASTE / How do I prepare artichokes?

    We have been really missing just hanging out in Nonna's kitchen in this past year. It’s true that as much as I love a cooking book there’s nothing quite like watching a master in action for those recipes, tips and techniques that really stick with you! Fortunately, it is now artichoke season here so Stefano has been reliving one of the old family favourites at home with us recently. Our son Raffaele first tried Carciofi alla Nonna at six months and has been a huge fan of this glorious bud ever since. I was considerably older before I tried, let alone prepared a fresh artichoke, I just thought they seemed so complicated! So, I was delighted to discover that you can often buy them at markets in Italy partially prepped and waiting in big buckets of water for you to take home and cook. Nonna prepares her own and what is beautiful about her method and recipe is that it is classic ‘cucina povera', simple and rustic in presentation with very little waste, and with the veg shining through for itself. It does leave the scales mainly in tact but she serves the artichoke with a dipping oil blend and we eat it as finger food. Leaf by leaf we dip, the soft parts are then scraped off by tooth with only the very hardest parts then discarded and usually fed to the chickens. The heart and stem will be softer of course and can be a savoured until the end for a less labour intensive mouthful. Some people might prefer to discard most of the leaves first but we love the simplicity of this and it is certainly adequate for steaming and a more simple preparation. Preparation 1. Cut off and discard off the very top with a large knife. 2. Cut off the stem, chopping in parts if necessary and lightly peel. 3. Remove the very outer toughest scales and leave the rest intact. I find kitchen scissors work well for this. 4. Cut in half. 5. With a spoon, scoop away the fluffy 'choke'. If preparing a while before cooking, keep the artichokes in a bowl of water with a couple of slices of lemon to preserve the colour. Alternatively, whilst cleaning and cutting the artichoke you can be simmering the cooking stock, prepared as follows: Cooking 1. In a suitably sized pan, put half a glass of water and one soup spoon of tomato concentrate, one bay leaf, 1-2 finely chopped cloves of garlic and half to one pinch of salt. 2. Warm on a low or medium/low heat, keeping the lid always on. 3. Place the artichokes into the pan (facing down). 4. Reduce the heat to slow cook for 15/20 min. Ideally, never open the lid (unless to add a little water if the stock is starting to dry) as you need that steam to cook them evenly and fully absorb the flavour from the juice you have made. To keep the artichokes from sticking give the pan a shake and swill every now and again. This is also a delicious way to cook French beans. 5. Serve with a balsamic and olive oil dip or bagna cauda. Nonna's recipe has certainly made artichokes feature more frequently on the menu at home, rather than me viewing them as something (as the website below says) that is made as if it doesn't want to be eaten! If you want to know how to remove more of the artichoke or prepare it differently, this is a good place to learn more. Thanks Nonna Anna, we hope to be sharing some carciofi with you again very soon.

  • DISCOVER / Photo Gallery

    See a little flavour of our shop and behind the scenes here!

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  • Italian Food | Sustainable Fashion | England | Olive and Rosy

    CIAO! Welcome to the website for Olive and Rosy in North Street, Wellington, Somerset ​ ​ Our shop is divided into two distinct areas of hand- curated delights inspired by Italy; The Chamber of Style upstairs and the Chamber of Taste downstairs. ​ We believe in slow food, slow fashion and telling the stories behind our products. Explore our site to find out a little more about us, the experiences we offer or shop from our product range. ​ Home delivery is free for all orders over £80 (excluding wine crates) and on all clothing. ​ COVID SERVICES UPDATE ​ From 12th April both the deli and the boutique are open. See our current times here . We continue to take appointments or offer Click and Collect any day until 7pm. Just send us a message using the details below and we can arrange a time slot for you. ​ ​ Deli boards and boxes are available for collection on any day and delivery at weekends. Please let us know 24 hours beforehand what you would like. ​ We are offering free delivery in Wellington within walking distance of the shop, with an extended area service at weekends. Select 'Collect in Store' at checkout but add a note if you would prefer us to deliver. ​ Our usual postal delivery services continue. ​ Thank you so much for continuing to support us. S&R ​ ​ Don't forget to follow us on social media for our latest news and announcements ​ ​ See our specials

  • Events | Somerset | Olive and Rosy

    Upcoming Events An Italian in the Kitchen Time is TBD Olive & Rosy Time is TBD Olive & Rosy, 1 North St, Wellington TA21 8LX, UK We can create a bespoke cookery demo for you complete with the history of and tips for creating the dish, plus drinks and a taster of whatever we make. Share Register Now Tasting Evenings Time is TBD Olive & Rosy Time is TBD Olive & Rosy, 1 North St, Wellington TA21 8LX, UK On Saturday evenings you can book for a party of up to 10 to come along and sample some fabulous Italian cheeses and wines. All with a little background from our Venetian host Stefano. Please contact us first to reserve your preferred date then proceed here with your booking. Share Register Now Come and experience the flavours of Italian Slow Food. Due to Covid safety restrictions , all events are postponed until further notice.

  • Shop Style | Somerset | Olive and Rosy

    SLOW FASHION Here you can find mindful style with a little 'dolce vita'! Sustainable and ethical clothing inspired by the timeless style of Italian fashion to help you create a wardrobe that is made to last. Discover new, pre-loved and vintage clothing, handcrafted jewellery and ceramics plus gift items. ​ We work with a social enterprise in Italy to bring you ethically made new pieces created from reclaimed fabrics. On our trips over we gather vintage or used garments in need of just a little restoration to be loved again. We now also stock sustainable pieces from the UK and Spain. Our newest addition is THOUGHT. Read our feature here. ​ We are pleased to offer free postage on all of our clothing and jewellery. NEW CLOTHING Re - Love Accessories JEWELLERY casa

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