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We couldn't live in the home of cider without adding one to our collection! This craft cider is created by Matt and team, just up into the hills from Wellington at Churchstanton. 


Tricky Wizard is a blend of 3 popular Somerset cider apples including Dabinett and Yarlington Mills. A full flavoured classic farmhouse ciderwild mild tannins and medium sweetness. 


Tricky Cider pairs well with lots of cheeses (it's not just wine!), try it with Morlacco, Bleu du Monchenis or simply a lovely chunk of Parmigiano.








The TRICKY  approach is to ''make use of the many disused and forgotten orchards across the Somerset levels and to try and obtain specific apples to produce consistent single variety and blended ciders. Traditional orchards are wonderful places for humans and wildlife alike, sadly they are also in decline across Somerset. We want to do what we can to help these orchards survive by making use of the fruit, and maintaining and replanting them in the winter.''

Tricky Cider - Wizard