Panforte is a traditional chewy Italian dessert containing fruits and nuts, similar to a florentine but much thicker. It is most strongly associated with the provinve of Siena in Tuscany.


Among all the types of panforte, panpepato (pepperbread) is the simplest, and probably also the oldest.
It was invented in the monasteries where the monks mixed the various ingredients, including spices, like cinnamon and pimento, which give panpepato its characteristic “strong” taste.




The Masoni family preserves the tradition and taste of Sienese sweets through the use of simple ingredients, high quality raw materials, a modern production process that retains its ties to the past, and most importantly, recipes passed down from generation to generation, which bear witness to this family’s long history in the confectionery field.

Masoni Panpepato

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