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Sweet and Sour Onions produced in Salento.


After picking, slicing and drying, the onions are left to macerate in vincotto, which is a cooked grape must, according to an old traditional recipe typical of the region.


Perfect with white meat or cheese. Excellent as an appetizer and on pizza.


Dried Onion(65%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil(30%), Vinegar, Vincotto(100% Mosto D'uva Pugliese), Salt, Sugar, Lemon Juice.





The I Contadini Approach;

Cultivation is carried out directly at the farm in all phases, from transplantation to harvest. An integrated farming method has been adopted to ensure a pesticide-free product.


The vegetables are sun dried on traditional gratings: which offers an unmatched result: softness of the flesh, preservation of vitamins, proteins and mineral salts.

i Contadini Red Onion with cooked Grape Must