Cherry tomatoes grown and harvested by hand a few kilometers from the sea in Apulia. The word "Confit" comes from French, and is an ancient preservation technique that takes place by drying at low temperature for a long time in the presence of sugar.


This slow and delicate processing allows maximum preservation of flavour and the nutritional properties of lycopene and mineral salts.


These sweet and meaty tomato halves are delicious with a green pate, basil and burrata as well as stirred through a warm pasta.



Cherry Tomatoes (49%)

Extra virgin olive oil (49%)







The I Contadini Approach;

Cultivation is carried out directly at the farm in all phases, from transplantation to harvest. An integrated farming method has been adopted to ensure a pesticide-free product.


The vegetables are sun dried on traditional gratings: which offers an unmatched result: softness of the flesh, preservation of vitamins, proteins and mineral salts.

i Contadini Cherry Tomato Confit

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