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We've opted for a classic flavour from the Butternut of London range, resident at Borough Market.


Made in small batches, organic blanched peanuts are lightly toasted, tossed with Cornish sea salt and whipped together to create the creamiest peanut butter.  Silky smooth and full of flavour, the Smooth Peanut Butter won a star at the Great Taste Awards in 2019.


Rachael worked as a festival receptionist with founder Zoe several years ago before she launched Butternut, so has been keen to have a space on the shelves for these delicious nut butters for quite some time!  As Zoe says '' food is so much more than sustenance. It’s creativity, pleasure, culture, tradition, therapy, unity…. Nothing brings people together like good food!”


Spread on toast, spoon into porridge or stir into a salad dressing.


180g jar (Approx 14 servings)


Ingredients: Organic Peanuts (99.5%) & Cornish Sea Salt (0.5%)

ButterNut No 3 Smooth Peanut Butter