Cascina Belvedere risottos are prepared with traditional recipes by mixing high quality dehydrated ingredients with Carnaroli rice. The result is an exquisite and healthy dish, which is also easy and quick to prepare.


Cascina Belvedere risottos are a natural product made without preservatives and without monosodium glutamate. They are packaged in transparent bags that allow you to see and see the richness and quality of the content and, thanks to the release of a controlled atmosphere, guarantee a product that is always fresh.


250g Serves 3-4



rice *, vegetables in variable proportions * (carrots *, courgettes *, peppers *, onion *, garlic *, celery *, leek *), natural sea salt, tomato paste *, basil *, parsley *, rice flour * , extra virgin olive oil *, corn starch *, miso * (soy *, rice *, water, salt, koji), yeast extract, spices *.

* = organic.

Belvedere Organic Risotto Mix - Vegetable

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